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Myofascial Release for Persistent Pain

In the hands of trained specialists, chiropractic treatments are highly effective for different muscle, nerve, and spine-related problems, including headaches, neck pain, and back pain.

One such treatment is myofascial release. Here at Integrate Institute, MN myofascial release therapy is one of our commonly recommended treatments for patients with back or muscle pain.

Our licensed and highly experienced chiropractors have helped patients of all ages dealing with persistent or chronic back and body pain. Our myofascial release therapy sessions have helped them release tension, have a better range of motion, and gain a higher quality of life.

To help ease your apprehension about scheduling a myofascial release in Burnsville, we made this primer to answer frequently asked questions about the procedure.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a physical or hands-on therapy technique used to help manage muscle pain and discomfort. It is primarily used to treat myofascial pain syndrome.

This therapy technique involves massaging, kneading, and stretching stiff or tight areas to relieve pain and promote a better range of motion. These tight areas are called trigger points and feel like knots, bumps, or nodules on our muscles.

Applying pressure to these trigger points helps the muscles and fascia to relax and release tension. An MN myofascial release therapy session can be an intense experience, especially if the patient’s muscle pain is severe.

Although patients may feel sore immediately after a myofascial release therapy session, their muscles will feel looser and their body easier to move after the soreness subsides.

Benefits of Myofascial Release

When done by a professional, myofascial release is effective in relieving deep, aching muscle pain. It also helps improve the body’s range of motion, particularly for patients with neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

Like regular massage therapy, a myofascial release will also help our body release tension or stress and relax. The physical motions may also help improve blood circulation.

Areas That May Benefit from Myofascial Release

A myofascial release therapy session can be done on any area that may develop knots or trigger points. These are often the parts of the body that remain in a fixed position or are used for strenuous activities and motions.
Here are several parts of the body that can benefit from myofascial release:

  • Entire back
  • Lower back
  • Neck and head
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Quadriceps or thighs
  • Calves and feet

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Myofascial pain syndrome is a common and debilitating pain disorder that affects our muscles and fascia, the thin, white connective soft tissues around our muscles. Almost 85% of people experience myofascial pain syndrome in their lifetime. People of all ages and genders may develop this disorder. Despite this, many cases of myofascial pain syndrome are misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, or overlooked.

This condition can be caused by repetitively contracting our muscles. Jobs that require repetitive motions and heavy lifting or strenuous motions contribute to myofascial pain syndrome.

Patients often describe the pain as deep and aching or throbbing. Others have also noted that the condition causes tight, stiff, and vice-like muscle pain.

The symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome also include the following:

  • Persistent or worsening muscle pain
  • Trigger points or knots in the muscles
  • Sore or tender muscles
  • Limited range of motion, such as shoulder rotations or twisting the torso Additionally, myofascial pain syndrome can also cause other health issues due to extreme pain. Some common examples are headaches, difficulty sleeping, stress or anxiety, and fatigue.

What Is the Difference Between Myofascial Release and Massage?

A myofascial release may seem like any other massage when simply going by its written definition. However, the difference in techniques and aims is apparent when seen or experienced in practice.

A massage is a broad term for hands-on techniques aimed at relieving pain and tension by applying pressure by stroking and kneading parts of the body. Most massage techniques involve using oil and other lubricants for easier and smoother ministrations.

On the other hand, a myofascial release does not use any oil or lubricant. Moreover, the treatment requires sustained and targeted pressure. Stroking, kneading, and stretching motions are also used. However, they are concentrated on trigger points to help release tension and restriction.

Chiropractors and physical therapists generally maintain steady pressure on these specific points or tense knots in our myofascial tissues for three to five minutes. This allows the soft tissue fibers to soften and stretch.

Who Needs Myofascial Release?

We recommend anyone struggling to cope with myofascial pain syndrome to try myofascial release therapy. It is appropriate for people of all ages, including children and teenagers.

Pediatric myofascial release may help children with orthopedic problems, scoliosis, head trauma, and movement disorders. Myofascial release therapy sessions for younger, growing patients are less forceful and well-suited to help relieve growing pains.

Adults with extreme body pain, tight muscles, and chronic headaches may also benefit from this type of therapy. Myofascial release has a relative lack of risk. As such, many patients with long-term or persistent back and body pains may try it as a non-invasive approach to help avoid surgery.

Consult a Professional and Licensed Chiropractor

If you are experiencing chronic muscle pain, a MN myofascial release therapy session may help. It is always best to speak with a licensed chiropractor, physical therapist, or physician before scheduling a treatment session.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to book your appointment. Integrate Institute’s team of licensed chiropractors and experienced rehabilitation specialists will help you take the first step towards a pain-free daily life.

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5 star reviews

maddie jensen

Alex and Megan are so incredible and knowledgeable. Their insight is invaluable! I felt remarkably better after just one visit. They are seriously the best at what they do!!! I can’t recommend this place enough.

maddie jensen

5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
Amelia Chapman

Helped me get out of the woods of a very stiff neck and shoulder within two visits. 😀 The team members there are all kind, personable, and taught me a lot!

Amelia Chapman

5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
Shannon Murphy

I have been seeing chiropractors for 20 years now and Dr. Alex along with seeing PT Megan is hands down the best experience I have had. As athletes themselves, they really understand the demands training can place on the body and they work together to get you moving correctly to fix injuries and prevent future issues....

Shannon Murphy

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Alex martinson

Great staff, great knowledge. Knew my issue and had ways to help right away!

Alex martinson

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nicole milo

They are skilled and compassionate. I arrived in quite a bit of pain with no lasting relief from other PT and Chiros. Dr. Alex and Megan are very supportive and knowledgeable, creating a trusting environment focused on a long term individualized healing plan. After only a few sessions and at home simple exercises, my pain diminished significantly... I highly recommend them both!

nicole milo

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penny kaiser

Alex and Megan are wonderful! Came in for knee pain. Came out of my sessions with no knee pain and the tools to maintain it for years to come so it doesn't come back! They both are awesome to work with and so knowledgeable! Would recommend them to anyone!

penny kaiser

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Trent Emisner

I’ve been to a dozen different chiropractors over the years and for the most part enjoyed my (perhaps 150) visits, but always found that the next day I felt like I needed to go back left me with a love/hate relationship with chiropractors.

Trent Emisner

5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review5 star review
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